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Vitamin Shots 

Vitamin injections provide a variety of benefits - from improved immune system function to enhanced energy levels and improved overall well-being 

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B Complex

Fights fatigue and tiredness. Promotes deeper sleep. Helps maintain clarity. Helps to keep food cravings under control.

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Helps cells to to form and metabolize proprly. Helps with brain function, supporting neurons and cell formation.

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Energize Me 

Helps to boost energy levels, accelerate your metabolism and promote weight loss. 

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Fountain Of Youth 

Helps with regeneration of injured cells, improves joint function and aids in detoxification

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Helps in lightening skin complexion and also reduces minor skin imperfections like red spots and rough patches... provides smother glowing skin

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Helps to detoxify and eliminate toxins in the liver lungs and intestines. Helps to reduce hyper pigmentation, sun spots, wrinkles, acne, and even melasma.

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Lipo B 

Helps burn fat, increases metabolism and helps with liver function

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Lipo C

Helps the liver to remove fat, improves brain function, helps prevent complications in the nervous system, brain, muscles, heart, stomach and intestines, helps improve your skin hydration, elasticity and smooth appearance, strengthens the nails, boosts energy and improves memory 

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Mic + B12

Helps liver to process fats efficiently making weight loss easier.  

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Slim Shot 

Helps with muscle building, endurance, strength and stamina. Improves bone strength, brain function and helps to metabolize fat. Maximizes work out routine.

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Vitamin C

Helps to reduce nausea, reulates appetite and relieves acute chronic pain.

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Adtl. Information

Vitamin Shots can significantly improve your quality of life including removing continual tiredness and fatigue.

All of our vitamin shots are sold as individual shots as well as packages of Buy 3 Get 1 Free

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